Sunday, May 09, 2010

Even gods get back spasms

The missus and I went to see Mark Knopfler. I'd been gushing about the concert to her for a while now. Kogi Kaishakunin had rounded up tickets for a few of us last year. However, due to a pressing engagement (something about riding a white mare in the footsteps of dawn) KK was quite unable to make it. The others were basically lazy bums.

Thus it came to pass that it was just the missus and I in a row of empty seats. The day had started pretty miserably for me (I was in my car 6 hours before I got to work and then another hour and a half's drive before I got home). The traffic demons were clearly in the mood for mischief. So, we finally got to the theater a little late, for the last two songs of the opening band, Pieta Brown and a dude in a white cowboy hat. It was just a 2 person show. Pieta on vocals and guitar and cowboy dude on guitar. It was quite pleasant actually, kinda bluesy.

Then, of course, it was time for the main show. The Man himself. And he was sitting on a chair this time. Turns out he had a back spasm of some sort. Couldn't really bend or move. Having had some experience in the area, I know how much that sucks. But, except for the fact that someone had to help him with the guitars and off the stage, you couldn't tell. It was all there. The chilled out guitaring, the Sultans of Swing, the Romeo and Juliet, the Coyote, the Brothers in Arms, the So Far Away, the Sailing to Philadelphia, Telegraph Road, and finished up quite nicely with Piper to the End. The cool thing about Knopfler is that he doesn't make a big deal about his old or his new music, like certain artists. There's no 'ohh, the audience want me to play So Far Away again? I've grown so much since then'. Oh no, he plays it, everyone sings along, has fun and that's that.

I have lost track of the number of times I have said it, and will say it in the future too. The guy is way too cool. Effortless mastery, relaxed presence and spectacular skill. Quite predictably, I have been on a youtube binge of knopfler. The thing is, the guy hasn't lost a bit of his skill. Just seems to keep going from strength to strength. There's so much variety in his music and just what he chooses to sing about.

I am basically waiting for the next chance to see him in concert :-)