Sunday, June 03, 2007


It's got Prithviraj, Jyothika, Swarnamalya and Prakashraj playing the main roles. Prithviraj and Prakashraj play Karthik and Viji. Karthik sees and falls in love with Archana, a deaf-mute girl played by Jyothika. Things happen.
This movie is brought alive by Prakashraj's easy humour and his interaction with Prithviraj. Their interaction is portrayed quite nicely. Jyothika's acting has been applauded in this movie. I thought it was a bit overwrought. Swarnamalya plays Jyothika's friend : a nice, undemanding role played appropriately. They all live in the same apartment complex and the other characters in the complex were played decently.
I checked out the soundtrack too, and it's surprisingly decent ( we fast forwarded through the songs in the movie :-) ).
In all, a good movie.

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