Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mt. Carrigain - 3 : Quick summary

Day 1.
8:08 - 10:00 PM.
Signal ridge trail to the junction of Carrigain notch trail - 1.7 miles.
Setup Camp.

Day 2.
Broke camp at 8:45 am
Signal Ridge Trail to the top of the mountain 3.3 miles 3200 ft.

12:40 pm- 1:14 pm
Cross Signal Ridge to the Peak.

1:30 pm-4:23 pm
Desolation Trail 1.9 miles (2500 ft.)
Start at 1:30 pm
Bottom at 4:23 pm

4:23 pm-8:41 pm
Carrigain Notch Trail - To Signal Ridge Trail 5.6 miles
Small 1500 ft rise and fall in the middle of the trail.

Total distance 13.5 miles.
Total time 13 hours (1 hour the first night and 12 hours the second day).

This loop offers everything. Long steep climbs, stream crossings, marshland type trails and tons of mosquitos. There are not many people on the trails, especially the loop from Desolation through Carrigain Notch. Most people just do a up-and-back on signal ridge.

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