Friday, January 20, 2006


It would be something of an understatement to say that iPods have made a splash. They are everywhere. And it seems to me that they are not exactly feature rich for their price. Things that come standard in an iriver (FM reception, for instance) need an extra attachment on an iPod. And I don't like the way they store the music. They are really cool though.

Some folks, I have noticed, wear one all the time. Which, by the way, is perfectly ok by me. I must confess however, that I find it a little strange to see guys wear it even in the toilet. I suppose they feel separated from the very music of the spheres if they are forced to remove the earplugs for even one instant.

Anyway, I was mentioning this at a post-prandial discussion after a most satisfying meal of masala dosas at Chez KD, when one of the assembled suggested a perfectly valid reason for this. He opined that these guys are clearly trying to drown out the inevitable noises made by the other users of said facility. Clearly, the man had thought about this long and hard.

Ah, but what of the assault on the nose, the inevitable side-effect of the aforementioned noises? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the iDeo(TM). What it is, is a small dispenser of room freshener attached to your iPod. It will dispense just enough, every so often. Just turn it on while on the Ceramic Throne. Your nose will thank you for it.

I was going to call it iLoo, but I see the name is alreay taken.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Angels and Demons

I finally read this book by Dan Brown.
Apparently, it was written before The Da Vinci Code.
Well, what can I say. If you read one, you read them all :)
- Robert Langdon. Check.
- Beautiful, talented heroine. Check.
- Slightly deranged, hyper-assasin. Check.
- Secret that potentially threatens the Roman Catholic Church. Check.
- Cool clues that really challenge the good Doctor and his love-interest. Check.
- Mortal peril for the aforementioned Doctor and babe. Check.
- Ending that avoids disturbing the status quo. Check.

It is not a bad book mind you. It has some really cool moments. Nice read.

Of bajjis and blogs

My cousin Dhurvaasan pointed me to his blog.

Every college seems to have it's raadi-equivalents where students could go and have their late-night fix of food, tea and much arattai. An apt site for 'A feast of reason and the flow of soul.', if there ever was one. A place that fulfilled the same role that the Forum did for the Romans or the Agora for the Greeks.

After reading his post on the mirchi bajjis, I got an irrestible urge to have bajjis and tea.
So, I made bajjis and some piping hot adrak-ka-chai.

I raise my cup of tea to toast The Raadi kadai :-)