Sunday, May 08, 2005

So, what's the point?

I have been thinking about fitness, weight-loss, eating right, and other matters allied to 'healthy living'. Ultimately, What's the point? What are we shooting for?

So, you go to the gym, workout hard, eat right. What the heck are you getting? So, you are stronger and fitter. Does it matter?

Physical capacity has no bearing on our lives. We move around in motorized vehicles(with power steering, power brakes and power windows where possible), have sedentary jobs and very few of us raft down the mighty Amazon on theweekends. No grizzlies to fight. No rampaging hordes of barbarians to keep from the door.

Clearly, we have no *real* need to be fit. Let us examine the usual reasons given for being fit.

It makes you feel better about yourself :
Does it really? Working out hurts. You sweat, you stink. Then,you go home all cramped up and tired. Your muscles hurt. Overwork and you get hurt. Run too much and your knees get injured. It's like some kind of weird masochistic ritual.

It is going to make you live longer:
Does that really matter? Let's say working out adds 10 years to your life. Is it going to let us live our 20s all overagain? No way. The ten years are going to be added to the *end* of our lives. From where I stand, it makes no difference if I die when I am 90 or when I am 100.I am going to be a tired, grouchy old man, with most of my friends dead and with irritating relatives to put up with.
What's more, after you cross a certain age, it is diseases that you can do nothing about that get you. So, even the living-longer claim is really dodgy.

It is going to let you do more:
That's not even true. Unless you are into solitary pastimes, your activities are going to be decided by your group of friends. By definition, then, you are only going to participate in things that the majority of your friends can participate in. So, in essence, there's no advantage to being fitter than average.

So, folks, we might as well go with the flow. Eat everything. Don't work out. Why bother.


Goan Pao said...

I second your motion to not working out, couldnt find a good enough excuse as to why....thanks for giving me the perfect counter attack to the only kinda workout I like...verbal duels...

Samant said...

I disagree with your post of "Not working out".
Well, I have crossed 30 last december... and when i eat a little too much .. just by chance or whatever.. my stomach ACHES !
like hell broken loose etc..
some days, my back aches .. badly.
but if i do some sort of work out..
not really a workout, but a strech or so.. i am sort of happy that i have
tried to stave off those pains.
Also, in office, life is "tension"... all around. i do not like my job.. but got to continue..
so, how to kick off the stress ?
some exercise !
though i have to disclose:
i do only 20 minutes max of exercise.. maybe 2/3 days a week only... but i feel, it's neccessary.

ratan said...

Dear Sammy,

work stress
- leave at 5pm
- sleep
- stand/soak in the shower
- listen to an opera
turning 30
- buy that BMW
- buy that 42in Plasma display
Stomach ache for too much eating
- Try staying a bachelor eating his own cooking

So there are plently of alternatives to workout. In the long run, the above leads to a cheaper, happier and healthier life. If you don't believe, come visit us and see for yourself :-)

yesbob said...

we need to keep fit so that we can join if a fight club were to open up on our street .simple