Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sunday River, the addendum

I was driving yesterday and thinking about the skiing trip to Sunday river. There's one thing I forgot to add to my blog.

So, Friday night, when we had finished our first day of skiing, we went out, had dinner. By now, it was snowing pretty heavily. As we came back to our condo, I found that there was a lot of snow on the parking lot and the parking lot had big open spaces. It was time to put the car into some spins..

Basically, what you do is to pick up some speed (not too much, maybe 5-10 mph), and then you turn the wheel and pull the handbrake. The car goes into a nice spin. You know, just like in the movies. Atleast that's the theory. Since the snow removes a lot of the friction, it can be pulled off at lower speeds.

When I told the folks what I planned to try, KD and LR said 'good luck' and left the car :-)

So, I found a empty section of the parking lot, and proceeded to put the theory to the test.
Well, it works. Nice, little spins (since I wasn't going to try high speeds). Fun feeling though. Exactly the kind of feeling you don't want in the highway :-)

Children, if you plan to try this at home, please, please, make sure that the parking lot (or wherever it is that you are trying this out), is empty. No other people nearby, no cars, no telephone poles, no nothing. Exercise your judgement. There's absolutely nothing you can do to control the car (except maybe drop the handbrake and try to regain control) once you are in the spin. Don't do anything stupid.

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