Sunday, July 18, 2004

Kogi Kaishakunin's blog

This blog has been started by my friend and a few of his buddies.
The first post is about the Mary Chapin Carpenter concert in Philadelphia.

Kogi Kaishakunin, in case you are wondering, is the official name of the Shogun's executioner in the Lone Wolf and Cub movie series. The movies are based on a manga series of the same name. The story evolves around the adventures of a high-ranking samurai who turns assasin. These are set in the early Edo period of Japanese history, just after the Tokugawa shogunate has taken control of Japan. Ogami Itto, the main character, used to be the official executioner for the Shogun till he was framed on charges of treason and kicked out. Now, he roams around the countryside, a hitman for hire, with his little kid Daigoro (the original Japanese title says 'Child and Expertise for Hire'). The movies feature some cool swordsmanship and interesting plotlines. They are dubbed in English and sold as Shogun's Assasin which Mudra Rakshasa assures me are absolutely horrible. We all prefer to listen to the dialogues in the native tongue and read the subtitles, I guess. Dubbing always leaves something to be desired. Of course, he is also the guy who once watched an entire Chinese movie without subtitles or dubbing (and he doesnt understand a word). But I digress.

I have not read the manga, but Kogi Kaishakunin (one of the authors of the aforementioned blog), assures me that they are cool. Kind of funny that the guy who calls himself Kogi Kaishakunin should accuse me of wanting to play with swords rather than go to a concert:-)


Kogi Kaishakunin said...

I agree with Mudra Rakshasa. I think "Shogun Assasin" would be a bad buy. On top of the English dubbing, it is an amalgamation of the of some of the original "Lone Wolf and Cub" movies for an American audience. It would be better to go out and get the six original Baby Cart movies.

I need always need music playing in my ears while I go about doing my God...I mean Shogun given duty. Which is why, I ALSO go for concerts :-)

Mudra Rakshasa said...

Assuredly, "Lone Wolf and Cub" is best watched in Japanese. The diction and tone of the original Japanese lends an authenticity and electric that English is wholly incapable of conveying.

And if you focus intensely enough, after a point, you don't even need the subtitles. I bought one of the "Shogun Assasin" titles dubbed in English, and I have been trying to palm them off on some unsuspecting sod ever since.

Whatever Sambar might say, watching "Tian Di Ying Xiong" in Chinese (no subtitles) was refreshingly enlightening.

However, the "watching without subtitles" rule only holds for movies with substance. For example, "Bichunmoo," the Korean martial arts flic (or whatever that was) is best watched without subtitles, sound and with a blindfold over your eyes. Damn Chun Joo Moon, it was $12 ill spent....

Media Movers, Inc. said...


Dubbing/Subtitling are integral part of cultural transfer between all countries.
Though the debate is always between preference of dubbing or subtitling each of it requires high level of artistic/technical input to ensure the final output is more local in every sense.

Dubbing brings more life to characters of a film than subtitles though a bad dubbed film can be a nightmare.
Most Scandivian countries prefer subtitling over dubbing but now it is most preferred also for Deaf community.Same language subtitling(SLS) is one of essential way to educate people.

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